Minnesota Flooding
Flood Damage

Minnesota Flooding

Minnesota is also experiencing heavy rainfall. To date they have had a total of 6.11 inches of precipitation in the form of rain or snow. St. Paul and Minneapolis both report more than 3 inches of rain above normal for the month of April. After a winter that battered the northern states, more rainfall is not exactly what folks were hoping for. Melting snow plus just above freezing temperature rains are causing flooding issues for much of the state.

Be aware of weather alerts from your local radio and television stations. In case of power outages, have a portable radio available with extra batteries. If it has been steadily raining for days or if flash flooding occurs, you will want to be ready for any potential damage.

Some other things to do before heavy rains hit include:

  • Stock up on bottled water and non-perishable food items. Flooding-related power outages are not uncommon – sometimes leaving you without electricity and running water for days.
  • Bring in any unsecured patio furniture, garbage cans, or other outdoor items that can be blown away by high winds or carried away by large amounts of rainwater.
  • Know where and how to shut off your utilities. If local authorities instruct to do so, you may need to shut them off. This may be due to a gas leak or other event.
  • Move valuables to higher ground. This includes any important papers and/or insurance documents. Keep them sealed in a waterproof bag or box to prevent them from getting water damaged.

If flooding is imminent, listen for instructions by local officials. You may be asked to evacuate if they believe your home is in danger of heavy flooding. It’s also wise to keep a full tank of gas. If you are asked to leave, do so immediately and take only recommended routes. Driving through flooded streets is extremely dangerous.

As April closes, dryer air is expected to head in tonight and into tomorrow, but spring showers aren’t expected to completely end in the month of May. Stay alert for weather watches and warnings in Minnesota and wherever you may be. Spring storms are not over just yet.

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