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Mold is certainly one of those societal villains that we have been taught to avoid since we were young children. The common remedies to stop mold: don’t leave bread out in the sun, keep your things dry, take the damp towel outside when wet, and many many more. Interestingly, when I asked my friend what his first thought was when presented with the word “mold” he replied, “I quickly think of furry, green fungus that grows on bread left out in the sun too long.” True, this is a correct overall assessment of mold, but when our houses are dealt the blow of water damage, it is very necessary to truly understand its origins, characteristics, and consequences.

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First off, mold is a microscopic organism that is part of the fungi kingdom that reproduces through airborne spores. Mold’s requirements for survival are organic material, oxygen, a specific temperature range, and, most importantly, a moist environment. As a result, mold is commonly found in homes where there is a lot of moisture. THemost common rooms for mold are bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, but any area with a consistent source of moisture is condusive to mold growth.

The Hazard and Harmful Effects Of Mold

Now that we know the basics of how molds operate and thrives, we can now discover the hazards of mold. The most notable side effect of molds is how it can affect the human body. When in contact, mold can cause harmful allergic effects that include:

  • Nasal congestion and irritation
  • Mucous membrane irritation
  • Asthma and respiratory effects
  • Sneezing and coughing

It is important to note that the side effects above are not limited to only physical contact with the mold. In fact, the most potent method that molds can affect human health is through the airborne spores that are used to reproduce and spread their colonies. These spores, if in close proximity to the person, will be breathed in and enter the respiratory system, where the allergic side effects listed previously will take place. In this case, the spores can cause severe respiratory problems that can be permanent.

Now that you’re shaking in your boots with all the bad news I just threw at you, I will have to balance it by giving you the good news. There are actually plenty of ways to prevent mold in entering your household. Since the surrounding environment is vital to a mold’s survival, you should reduce and always be mindful of the humidity in your home.  In rooms that consistently are humid, it is advisable to open the windows of the area for about 30 minutes every day.

The Most Common Cause of Mold

The most common reason for mold is of course, water damage. If you detect water damage, such as a flooded basement and wet floorboards, you should immediately first evacuate the area to make sure that you and your family is not exposed to surrounding air, the reason explained above. After that, it is most efficient is to contact Restoration Local, a professional water damage and mold remediation company at 1-888-443-3110 for a free estimate!

Water Damage? Call  1-888-443-3110. 24/7 Service. FREE Estimates.
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