Mold Removal and Selling a Home
Mold Removal

Mold Removal And The Value Of Your Home

Every homeowner worries about being able to resell their home, especially now, when market values are at all time lows. Many property owners find themselves hopelessly hung up in their homes, unable to even think about selling. Any problems or issues with the property only serve to make an already bad situation even worse.

Few things can trash a home’s resale chances like the presence of water damage, or worse, mold. Few buyers are going to willingly plunk down cash for a home with a water problem, and in many cases it may be all but impossible to sell a home that has visible evidence of water or mold problems.

Now remember, it isn’t always necessary to pay out serious cash for a mold inspection. Mold is visible to the naked eye and gives off a musty smell. If you think you have a mold problem, chances are that you do, and it is a problem that will need to be taken care of before listing your home for sale.

When spring arrives, it typically brings out the home buyers, and they are looking for a home that has a clean, fresh feel. A musty odor is an immediate giveaway that something is wrong. This is where steps need to be taken early on to determine the extent of any mold problem and have it properly remediated.

Much is made of molds ability to be a threat to your health, but the good news is that it is an easily treatable threat. Mold is almost always found in areas where moisture is prevalent, such as bathrooms, basements, or garages that have been affected by flooding or water leaks. Also, improper or inadequate ventilation can contribute to the growth of mold in the home.

If you find mold, go ahead and be proactive in taking care of it. You do not want it to be something that is discovered by a potential buyer. Mold turns off buyers as effectively as turning off a light. It’s like finding the perfect car only to discover a serious preexisting mechanical defect. You’re not going to willingly buy into somebody else’s problem. Mold doesn’t even have to be a serious infestation in order to be a turn off.

If you do find mold during the preparation process, do your best to determine the source of the problem and devise a plan for dealing with it. You will not only have to kill the mold, but also treat the environment that was affected (cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and improving ventilation and humidity levels). Failure to do so only invites the mold to return. If the mold is of considerable size, you should call in professional remediation help in order to prevent the mold from spreading.

Don’t try to use bleach as a mold destroyer….it will only work on the surface and may leave mold spores present and alive inside porous surfaces. Choose a professional grade mold cleaner designed to work on porous surfaces.

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