Mushrooms and Water Damage
Water Damage

Mushrooms And Water Damage

What you may not expect from untreated water damaged areas are these: Mushrooms!

As crazy as it may sound, mushrooms growing inside the home happens more often than you may think.  Mushrooms are fungi that grow when introduced to warm, wet conditions.  They can grow on carpet, on wood floors, or just about any surface where conditions are ripe.  The easiest way to get rid of mushrooms is by getting rid of the water that feeds them.

Sometimes the excess water is caused by something that can be fixed relatively easily – like not putting wet towels or rags on the floor repeatedly.  Growing up, we had carpeting in our bathroom so keeping the floor dry was not easy.  My parents used heating lamps to dry it whenever it started looking funky. Hey, this was the 70s, everything looked funky back then.  Eventually, the floor was replaced and linoleum was put down.

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Find The Root Cause Of Water Damage

If the water damage is caused by a leaky toilet or other plumbing issue, then this needs to be taken care of.  Cleaning up the mushrooms without solving the water damage won’t take care of the mushrooms permanently.  Another possible issue – especially in the bathroom – is ventilation.  If a moist area isn’t being ventilated properly, the humidity builds up and becomes a great place for fungal growth.

Fungi can cause problems like athlete’s feet and even more serious problems like pneumonia.  It can also destroy carpeting and woodwork.  It’s not something you want to put off.

If you’re unsure of the source of the water causing mushroom growth, have Restoration Local and our team knowledgeable in water restoration services come in to take a look.

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