What Do I Do When My Basement Is Flooded
Flood Damage

My Basement is Flooded, What do I do?

When most people first discover water sitting at the bottom of their stairs they go into shock, and then quickly enter panic mode. When you realize your basement is flooded try to stay calm and take the appropriate steps to get your house feeling more like your home again.

First things first it is important to call a water damage specialists as soon as possible. In your local area there are many trained professionals that can help you take care of any flooding damages. Restoration Local will actually work with your insurance company, saving you time and money. Call Restoration Local 24/7 at 1-888-443-3110 for a free estimate!

Next Steps

After calling us, we will take the following steps to get your basement back to normal. Getting rid of the water is often one of the easier steps. We will use a sump pump or one of our own industrial pumps in order to suck up all sitting water and redirect it out of your home, or into a working drain system.

Having sucked up all the water from your basement we will shovel out all mud and debris that the water has brought in from outside. Getting the sitting mud out of the room is just the beginning stage as we will also need to thoroughly scrub and wash the areas of the basement that have been exposed to the flooding. We use industrial strength disinfectant when we are cleaning your home because it kills bacteria’s and molds that can cause health issues. We are sure to clean even the hard to reach places because if these areas are left untouched it is a good chance that you will have a mold problem within your home.

When dealing with a flooded basement the experience can be very difficult, but remember to keep a level head and call a water damage specialist at 1-888-443-3110 for a free estimate to restore your property back to normal.

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