Storm Damage Results in Record Insurance Claims
Storm Damage

Nationwide Severe Weather and Water Damage Totals $2 Billion In June

To say it has already been an active severe weather season would be an understatement at best, but new figures are in from leading insurance providers that indicate damage from severe weather and other similar events may top $2 billion for the month of June alone.

The most costly event, oddly enough, was a severe weather event that caused significant damage in Texas, with baseball-sized hail occurring in Texas and New Mexico. There were more than 100,000 claims filed as a result of this storm, with a cumulative effect of more than $1 billion in losses. Another $700 million in property losses occurred in Colorado and Wyoming, again the result of damage from hail produced by massive severe thunderstorm systems.

The central and eastern US were also hard hit, with 50,000 insurance claims filed as the result of a fast-moving derecho ( a line of rapidly forming and moving thunderstorms) that killed 15 people, blacked out large residential areas, and resulted in still more residential and commercial damage.

Wildfires were also major factors in Colorado and California, destroying over 700 homes combined and killing 3 people. These wildfires proved to be the most devastating blazes in state history, with more than $110 million in property losses.

Tropical Storm Debby pummeled Florida with torrential rain and flooding, with 7 fatalities and more than 7500 homes and businesses reporting damage. The economic impact ranged in the neighborhood of about $100 million.

Similar reports surfaced from around the globe, with record storm damage in flooding in China, Japan, and Ireland. Climate change or global warming has been named as a culprit in the sudden rise of severe weather-related events, however, this remains nothing more than a theory.

Experts also do not believe that this is necessarily an indicator of how the rest of the severe weather season is going to go. Recent annual patterns provide no clear picture of just how strong or weak the remainder of the season is going to be.

In any case, Restoration Local recommends that all home and business owners take proper steps to protect their property against the threat of severe weather. This includes proper weather-proofing measures, anchoring down outdoor items that may be moved about by high winds, and investing in storm shutters or plywood to protect windows and doors in the event of strong wind gusts that may cause damage.

Restoration Local also offers water restoration service in more than 30 states, with more being added every month, and is available 24/7 to service your water restoration needs.

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