New Mexico Flooding And Repair
Flood Damage

New Mexico Flooding And Repair

New Mexico isn’t usually known for its flooding problems, but the severe and destructive floods of 2007 and 2009 changed all that.  Floods can strike anywhere and at anytime, and home and business owners need to be aware of the appropriate steps to take in protecting their properties, and obtaining swift and efficient repair and restoration work in the event of such a disaster.

It is usually not advisable for the property owner to attempt to complete any sort of major water damage repair on their own.  Water damage, especially flood damage, can cause considerable structural weakening, making it unsafe to enter the facility.

Instead, before the problem even arises, check to see if you live in a flood prone area, and adjust your homeowners insurance accordingly.  Flood insurance is never a bad idea in any case, and will usually cover most, if not all, of the cost associated with water damage repair.

But when you’ve experienced burst pipes, or in the worst case, a devastating flood, the first step is to contact a certified, professional water damage repair company.  These companies have trained, IICRC certified technicians who will treat your property and possessions carefully, and oversee the repair, and restoration of your home or business to its pre-flood condition.

The company will be responsible for the removal of damaged items from the home, extraction of excess water, as well as the drying, cleaning, and sanitizing of carpets, flooring, and walls.  In addition, they can provide any structural repair or reconstruction that may be required.

Your local, Clean Trust certified water damage repair company will also serve as liaison with your homeowners insurance or adjuster, to make sure all work is covered, and let you know what cost, if any, you will be responsible for.

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