Ohio Flooding Statistics
Flood Damage

Ohio Flooding Statistics

The Ohio River Flood of 1937 did over $500 million in damage and left more than a million people homeless.  It also killed 385 people.  The disaster was compounded by the fact that it occurred during the Great Depression, meaning that many of those affected had little or no recourse for repair or rebuilding.

This past week alone has seen new flash flood watches for parts of the Midwest, a reminder that while we may not think of floods often, they can and do pop up anywhere at any time, and they can be minor nuisances or full scale disasters.  When they do occur, you should be aware of any and all options available to you to protect your home and family.

The most likely first option should be chosen while there isn’t a storm cloud in the sky.  Namely verifying that you are adequately protecting against flooding with your homeowners insurance.  Water damage may be covered, but floods may not be.  It may be a matter of semantics, but there is a difference.  Make sure you’ve got both instances accounted for.

If you are covered, there is no need to stress over your ability (or lack thereof) to do the needed repair work yourself.  You can simply contact your local water restoration company; they have the skills and expertise required to fully repair and restore your waterlogged home to its former glory.

Again, this is something that should be chosen now.  Once water damage has occurred, it is important to begin water restoration procedures immediately to avoid further problems such as mold.  When you have to act quickly, you can’t exactly comparison shop.

Contact your local, Clean Trust certified water removal professionals today. They stand ready to help you and your family when disaster strikes.

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