Water Damage


It’s still pretty chilly in these parts, but I’m getting increasingly excited about summer which had me thinking about swimming. This led me to thinking about pools and whether or not they can cause water damage. Of course, they can! Anything that holds water can cause water damage. Pools most often cause water damage if they break or aren’t drained properly.

If you’re prepping your pool for summer, take care to make sure it’s properly sealed to avoid a leak. The leak could cause damage to not only your yard and home but possibly your neighbors’ yards and homes as well. Keep the water at the suggested level. Water that goes over the edge when we dive in can also cause excess water in your yard – which can seep to your home’s foundation depending on how close your pool is. And even if it doesn’t reach your home, water can eventually cause erosion in your yard. Another problem with too much water in your yard is bugs. Bugs like water, especially mosquitos. Keep these pesky bugs away by making sure your yard is free of standing water on your lawn. The best way to avoid that is by keeping the water in the pool that can be covered between uses.

I’m honestly not even sure if y’all down south drain your pools each fall, but we do up here in the northern states. No reason to keep a giant vat of ice in our backyards all winter. In any event, when draining your pool for the year, be responsible about it. Allowing water to drain into your neighbor’s yard can cause water damage problems for them. De-chlorinate the water prior to draining it so it doesn’t kill your grass. Allow the water to flow into a sanitary sewer system – which does not increase your water bill – to avoid flooding in your own yard.

Remember, water that gets out of your pool either from excessive splashing or from a leak, it can cause water damage to your house or yard. Any water that flows near your home’s base can cause damage to its foundation. Contact a water restoration specialist if you suspect a problem.

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