Preventing A Mold Problem In Your Basement
Mold Removal

Preventing A Mold Problem In Your Basement

If you are going to have mold in your home, the basement is the number one spot for it to crop up. Basements are the lowest lying areas of any home, and as such they are going to attract any errant water that is found nearby. Water has a tendency to hang around in basements and the most common byproduct of any sort of flooded basement or water damage is going to be mold and mildew. The good news is that a qualified mold removal company should be able to handle the problem for you, provided that you act quickly.

Mold occurs anywhere, and it needs to, since it acts like nature’s recycling bin, breaking down dead organic tissue and generally keeping the outdoor environment clean. They are basically the first assistant in the decomposition process.

But while mold is a vital element outdoors, indoors it just becomes a little too effective for its own good. Concentrated mold spore populations reproduce rapidly, resulting in some truly mind-boggling growth of mold populations in the home.

Mold is always found in areas with a high moisture or humidity content. This may include areas of the home with inadequate venting, dripping water lines, or any area with standing water or humidity levels above 50%. Once it has been found, it is important to not only remove the growth, but also to manage the environment, making it inhospitable to mold growth so that the problem doesn’t return. A serious mold infestation can result in major health hazards for the people in the home, and unfortunately, mold growth in basements is often overlooked until it has grown to substantial size.

If you find yourself dealing with allergic type symptoms, but those symptoms are present only when you are in your home, then that is a very good sign that you may have a serious mold problem. Mold causes sneezing, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, and skin irritations, symptoms that many people confuse with plain allergy attacks. The fact may be that something more nefarious is afoot in your home.

When dealing with mold, a professional mold remediation company will correct the source of the excess moisture, bring down relative humidity levels to 45% or below, and of course remove any mold growth that is already occurring. They have both the equipment and techniques required to contain the mold, to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the home in the event it is disrupted and mold spores are released into the air.

Make sure that the mold remediation company you trust is properly licensed and certified by industry authorities such as the Clean Trust. Certification means that the company has invested time, resources, and finances into making sure that their personnel are properly trained in all areas of mold removal and remediation, able to make use of the latest in equipment and techniques to make sure that your home is mold free and will remain that way.

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