Preventing Home Fires
Fire Damage

Preventing Home Fires

Fires are a very scary concept and even scarier when they become a reality. They have the ability to destroy an entire home within a matter of minutes. Most house fires are caused by faulty electrical units and the simple carelessness of human beings. Luckily, this means there is a lot of room for fire damage prevention.

Prevention is your best line of defense when it comes to preventing fire damage. To make sure everything is in check, observe your appliances. Stand up and portable heaters should not be left on overnight. They also shouldn’t be exposed in close proximity to fabrics or other flammable objects. Speaking of flammable objects, try to keep all potentially dangerous fluids, such as gas or oil, outside and sealed properly. Electric blankets are issue – especially as we move into winter months. Make sure you refrain from sleeping with these until you’ve ensured the blanket has some sort of overheating prevention. If you’re not sure, keep the blanket unplugged at night. Smoking also has the ability to cause fires in the home. Prevent this mistake by NOT smoking in bed, in enclosed areas, or emptying ashtrays shortly after the cigarette has been burnt out. It is still hot, hot enough to the point where it can potentially burn down your home. Invest in smoke detectors and make sure to test them before use. Replace the batteries in your smoke detector regularly. Many people do this when the time changes – which is coming up in about a month. To avoid the situation altogether, just smoke outside. To ensure all electrical units are functioning properly, have your home inspected by a certified electrician.

After a house fire has occurred, do not re-enter your home. Wait until a fire marshal or any other authorized member allows you to enter the area. The damage from the fire should be dealt with by professionals, it’s important that you call your local fire damage restoration company shortly after the incident. The faster you call, the faster they will come to rebuild your home and restore it to the pre-loss condition. During a fire, there is a GREAT chance that most of your belongings has also suffered smoke damage. Make sure to take note of possessions that were lost and/or damaged in/around the fire. Homeowner insurance companies will cover some, if not all of the costs.

While this is a long, tedious process, just remember you’re not in it alone. Firemen will put the fire out, and our professional fire damage restoration company will come to take care of the rest. All you have to do is call!

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