Prevent Mold In Your Basement With These Easy Steps
Mold Removal

Preventing Mold In The Basement

Within the home, basements may serve several different purposes. For some people, the basement may be used for storing things that are seasonal or that you just aren’t ready to part with yet. However, for others, the basement is a place for a so-called “man-cave” or recreational rooms for children to hang out. If your basement is a place where your friends or children hang out it is important to make sure that mold is not lurking in the cracks and corners of the room. Mold is not only disgusting but it is also very hazardous to your health. Breathing mold spores into your respiratory system lead to a number of issues ranging from asthma inflammation to more severe issues such as bleeding lungs. This is why it is important to make sure you are taking the correct steps in preventing mold growth.

One of the key ingredients to mold growth is a wet or damp environment. If your basement shows even slight signs of being damp it could be enough for mold to start growing in the unseen shadows of the room. Even if your basement only experiences water invasion for a short period of time mold growth can start to grow within 48 hours of sitting water. Keep your loved ones safe by making sure that they aren’t breathing in hazardous air toxins by calling a professional mold removal company.

Prevent Mold Before It Begins

There are some steps you can take to stop mold growth in your basement before it begins. One of the easiest steps you can take to fight against mold growth is to place a dehumidifier in the room. Dehumidifiers can be set to turn on periodically to draw out water in the air, resulting in an overall dryer atmosphere. Another step you can take to prevent mold from entering your basement is to have your pipes checked for any fractures or cracks. Leaking pipes are often a source of not only water damage but also water damage mold. Other sources of water entering your home can result in structural damage to the basement that allows water to force its way in during times of high rainfall and flooding. Call a professional to examine the pipes and structure of your home to make sure your basement is waterproof. This will not only prevent water damage but will also help keep hazardous mold out of your basement.

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