Preventing Mold in the Bathroom
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Preventing Mold in the Bathroom

When you think of the bathroom, the atmosphere can be the exact conditions that mold love and thrive on to grow.  The perfect setting for mold growth is moist, wet, dark, and lack of ventilation.

Most of the activity in the bathroom that takes place daily, such as showering, bathing, running water, while at the same time not allowing moisture buildup to escape, creates a home for mold.

Mold commonly starts to grow where the area is constantly wet on and around faucets, in the bathtub, shower, around the tiles, the shower sprinkler head, on and underneath the shower door.  Some of the unsuspecting areas are underneath the tile, wood, and floor where mold can hide.

Knowing the conditions that are most conducive for mold to exist and taking preventive steps can eliminate mold in the bathroom.

When showering and bathing use the ventilation fan to keep the air flowing and prevent moisture buildup.  Short five-minute showers also help by not prolonging the time moisture and steam can fill up the room.  Keeping the door partially open also cuts down on the moisture that gets trapped inside while showering.  Air conditioning set at a proper temperature keeps the air circulating and dry.

Remove excess water from around faucets after use.  Clean sinks, bathtubs, and showers with anti-bacterial cleanser and shower spray to prevent mold buildup before it gets started.  Since mold can hide, clean all the sealing, caulk area and underneath the shower doors.

Even when toilets look clean, mold can hide underneath the rim where you can’t see.  Concentrate on the rim area and frequently use toilet cleaners and brushes to prevent and remove mold.

Mold will easily grow on rugs, so frequently wash and dry.  Use tub mats that can quickly dry out and easily be laundered.

Inspect medicine cabinets and sink cabinets.  Remove all items and thoroughly wash down with cleansers.  Make sure that pipes underneath the sink are not leaking or show signs of water damage.

Keeping the bathroom well ventilated, drying up excess water, and frequent cleaning will go a long way in preventing mold in the bathroom.

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