Finding And Preventing Mold In Your Laundry Room
Mold Removal

Preventing Mold In The Laundry Room

When people try to prevent mold growth they often focus solely on the basement, thinking that other areas of the home are safe. This is a common misconception that many people have concerning mold growth in the home.

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One particular place in homes that is especially susceptible to mold growth is the laundry room. Laundry rooms are at high risks of mold growth because they produce the key conditions for the beginning stages of mold. These key ingredients include moisture and heat. If you notice mold growth in your laundry room or any other place in your home it is important to call one of your mold remediation companies right away to have it removed. Mold removal needs to be dealt with quickly because certain types of molds have serious health risks such as the development of rashes, headaches, and some molds have even been linked to the development of cancer. If you don’t see any signs of mold in your laundry room don’t take this for granted, mold can start growing at any time.

To help keep mold out of your home here are some helpful steps to take.

Check Faucet Attachments

One way of keeping mold out is preventing extra water build up within the room. You should check your washer connections regularly to make sure they are properly attached and show no signs of leaking.


Keeping a dehumidifier within the room is a great way to keep out unseen moisture. Even if you can’t see signs of moisture, water can still be hanging in the air. The use of a dehumidifier will pull this unwanted water from the air so you can dispose of it with ease.


Your laundry room can be kept dry by keeping the room well ventilated. Keeping a window open, or a fan on within the room can help with the air circulation. This will allows the room to dry out faster and stay dry.

Quick Removal of Clothes

People are often busy with many other tasks during the day and can forget to take clothes out of the washer. This may seem harmless but wet clothes are the perfect environment for mildew to start to grow. Simply avoid this by being conscious of your laundry hanging it up or putting it in the dryer right away.

Taking these steps to keep your laundry room will prevent mold and mildew from taking root within your home. Remember it is easier to take these steps now, rather than have to spend time and money dealing with mold removal and restoration later on down the road.

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