Preventing Mold in the Laundry Room in Your Home
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Preventing Mold in the Laundry Room in Your Home

The laundry room, yes, that’s where we keep our wet, smelly, dirty towels, clothes, etc.  This in itself can be a factor for mold.  So what can we do to prevent mold in the laundry room?  Some of the prevention techniques can be achieved starting with the construction of the laundry room to everyday habits and how we handle our laundry.

A laundry room that is designed with the thought in mind of preventing mold is a major step in achieving this goal.  The construction would include a well-ventilated area, walls constructed using water-resistant drywall and paint, and floors with sealers and waterproofing products applied.

Having dealt with the construction that would prevent mold growth, how is dirty laundry being stored in the room and what about the condition of the washer and dryer?

Risk Of Mold – What To Do

Since mold can begin growing in as little as 24 – 48 hours, let any wet towels or clothes air dry before storing in hampers or wash immediately.  Place disposable liners in hampers that can be changed frequently.

After clothes have been washed, do not leave them sitting in the washer for a long period of time.  If you’ve ever forgotten and left a load of washed clothes in the washer overnight, they don’t smell as fresh as when you’ve removed them immediately.  It doesn’t take long for a sour, mildew smell to set in, letting you know mold is not far behind.

Mold can hide around the rim of the washing machine and should be cleaned often to prevent dirt, mildew and mold buildup.  Spray cleanser containing bleach or antibacterial agents can be used for mold removal.

Dryer hoses should be hooked up to a vent duct leading outdoors.  Washers hooked up to utility sinks should be cleaned regularly and drains kept free of debris.  Check for leaks that can certainly lead to water damage.

Keep the air circulating and the room bright by installing fans, vents for air conditioning, opening windows, allowing sunlight to enter or turning on the lights.

We have to keep our dirty laundry somewhere, and we can also prevent mold in the laundry room by starting with a mold resistant foundation and by applying a little extra effort handling and storing our laundry.

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