How To Prevent Bathroom Mold
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Preventing Molds in the Bathroom

The bathroom has always held the reputation of being the dirtiest room within the house. I guess there is quite a few reasons for why this is so: it is where waste is deposited (in more than one way), toothpaste splatters, bloody cuts are cleaned, showers are taken, to name a few. Not only is the visual sight of mold repulsive, but its consequences are also as terrifying if not more. Such consequences are:

  1. Itchy, watery eyes
  2. Sneezy, runny noses
  3. Respiratory problems such as asthma, sinusitis
  4. Nausea, chronic fatigue syndrome.

A Few Ways to Prevent Bathroom Mold

Ways to prevent mold from growing in your bathroom is to decrease the moisture content within the room. Mold grows in humid environments and to counteract this, you should always a window or a ventilation fan within the room. Especially vulnerable times when molds can grow is after you shower, as the moisture content is especially high. Thus, it is important to develop a habit where you turn on your ventilation fan or open your window slightly after you shower every time.

You should always do frequent inspections of your pipes that lead to your sink and other water-damage prone areas. As you already know, there is a significantly higher concentration of pipes in the bathroom than anywhere else in the house. As time goes on, pipes that are in good shape can deteriorate and allow water to slowly seep through. Even if the amount lost is barely noticeable,  it can still be all that a mold needs to grow, quickly reproduce, and spread around your household.

Another very susceptible place where mold can grow is on your shower curtains. Remember me telling you that molds love moisture? Well, after a shower, we rarely take into consideration the shower curtain’s position. Yet, it is a fact that you should make sure that the entire surface area of the curtain be exposed to air. If not, the moisture content is so high that it is inevitable that some certain amount of mold will grow in those areas.

Wipe down the walls within the shower, especially deep between the tiles. It is a good idea to a use a bleach-based cleaner about once every week as this will eliminate molds from growing within the grout between the tiles. Be also mindful if the rate in which the shower water goes down the drain slows down. This is because if the water pools and remains in the bathtub or in the pipes for a long extended period of time, it can allow for mold to grow very easily.

Even if you complete all the precautionary measures I have listed above and mold still appears, remember to not panic. Contact a professional mold removal company so that the mold can be removed thoroughly. Mold can certainly be dangerous if left untreated and cannot only ruin a house’s value in the long run but also damage a family’s health. Be proactive and aware of your bathroom’s humidity and cleanliness so that you can prevent the potential harm that mold can cause you.

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