Preventing Water Damage from Home Appliances
Water Damage

Preventing Water Damage from Home Appliances

Dealing with water damage is nothing short of a headache. In many cases, water damage can be caused due to a failed household appliance. For example, if a washing machine breaks down during use water can flood the area. Fortunately, in most cases homeowners insurance will cover the expense of water damage restoration, however, the ideal situation is to stop water damage before it occurs. Taking appropriate steps in dealing with your home appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and hot water heaters can minimize or completely eliminate any potential water damage.

  1. Location- When putting the new appliance in the house it is important to consider location. Often times the placement of a dishwasher is limited, however, washing machines and hot water heaters it is important to consider the location. If possible it is suggested to place water heaters and washing machines away from rooms with expensive objects or nice flooring.
  2. Maintenance- A more practical way to prevent water damage in the home is to check home appliances for any signs of leaks or damages. Leaks from the machine or the pipes to the machine can happen at any time due to the natural motion of the appliance or due to getting pumped or shaken. Routine checks on the machines are ideal to prevent leaks, however, taking the time to check machines when they appear to be out of sorts or making abnormal noises is also an ideal time to check for damages.
  3. Be Prepared- Water damage from appliance failure can happen at any time and for this reason, it is important to have a plan on how to deal with the situation ahead of time. Make sure you know how to turn off the water that is entering the machine in case you stumble upon a leak. This includes knowing where the homes main water valve is located. Keeping a bucket close by is also recommended to catch any leaking water. It is also important to have a water restoration company’s number on hand in order prevent wasting time to look up the number as your house is flooding.

Water damage is unpredictable and something everyone wants to avoid. When working with your home appliances the risk of water damage can be minimized and even eliminated if the appropriate steps are taken ahead of time. If water damage does strike be sure to call a water damage specialist to help return your home to its original state.

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