Preventing Water Damage While On Vacation
Water Damage

Preventing Water Damage While You’re On Vacation

Summertime is when we look forward to cashing in our vacation days, enjoying some much needed and well deserved time of rest and relaxation away from home, and coming back renewed and refreshed and ready to take on the world again. Not many things can take the wind out of your sails following your vacation like coming home to water damage in your home. If proper precautions are not taken before you leave, the stage may be set for water problems that can best be described as “considerable.” It only takes water standing for a couple of days to give birth to additional problems such as mold, so every homeowner should know how to secure their home against the water damage threat.

For starters, shut off the water at the main valve before you take off. Doing so ensures that if a leak does spring, the amount of water that gets out will be insignificant. Remember that most systems have more than one shutoff valve, so make sure you know where both of them are and make sure both are properly engaged. If you make use of a well, be sure you shut off the electrical switch for the well to make sure it doesn’t pump any water in your absence.

Second, shut off individual valves servicing various rooms in the home, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Locate the small handle on the pipe servicing the room, and twist said handle clockwise to shut off the water flow. Make sure all the shutoff valves in your home are the same type to avoid confusion.

Plastic or rubber supply lines can wear out and break over time, so consider replacing them with more sturdy, steel braided hoses. These are far more reliable and will last much longer.

If you have a sump pump, make sure it is in good working order before leaving. Fill the sump pit with water and make sure the unit kicks on and begins draining the water away. If it does not work or works sporadically, conduct proper maintenance on the unit to ensure that it will function as it should if called upon to do so in your absence.

Check out your gutters, and make sure they are unclogged, free and clear of any obstructions that might channel water the wrong way. Many water damage cases are directly related to the condition of the gutters on the home.

If possible, have someone check your home while you are away, and make sure you have the contact information for a reputable, licenses, Clean Trust certified water restoration company. Restoration Local providers are available 24/7 and can have a technician to your door within the hour, ready to assess the problem and begin the water restoration procedure.

Restoration Local understands the threat presented by serious water damage, and is prepared to handle even the largest water damage problems.

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