Prevention of Mold Growth in the Bathroom
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Prevention of Mold Growth in the Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms most people do their best to keep them looking clean. A lot of time is spent wiping, scrubbing and mopping up bathrooms trying to keep it looking nice for potential guests and company. However, even if your bathroom is kept looking clean mold can still begin growing within your home and you may not even realize the problem is there until it has taken over the room.

Mold growth starts off small, hiding within cracks and walls until it becomes a big problem. At the beginning stages of mold growth, it can seem almost invisible unless you pay close attention to the nooks and crannies of your bathroom. However, if you are like most American’s the goal is to get in and get out of the bathroom, leaving little time to catch these problems. Because mold damage can be so elusive and yet very harmful it is important to take the appropriate steps to remove mold and prevent it from returning. Here are some steps to take to help prevent mold growth in the bathroom.

Exhaust Fan/Vent

Preventing mold can be as easy as making sure to turn on the fan when you are running warm or hot water in the bathroom. When hot water runs in your bathroom it gives off steam. This steam can fit into many small areas of the room such as underneath paint, cracks in tiles, underneath wallpaper, and in the walls. Keeping the vent fan on while using hot water will allow the steam to be redirected outdoors, as well as keeping the air circulation in the room flowing. This will prevent the build-up of water in your bathroom that is the source of mold growth.

Use of a Towel or Rug

The use of a towel or a rug can go a long way by preventing water damage mold. Showers and baths are often the site where water leaks down underneath the floor into the foundation of the home. Stepping in and out of the shower allows water to drip off your body to the floor of the room. This may not seem like a significant enough amount of water to worry about but it only takes a little of water to cause a lot of damage. Placing a rug or towel on the floor for when you get out of the shower is an easy way to prevent this unwanted water from seeping into the floors of your home.

These suggestions may sound tedious or small, but they can prevent painful issues from coming up in the future. If you do find mold damage within your bathroom or home it is important to call a mold removal specialist to take care of the problem as soon as possible.

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