Protect Your Roof From Water Damage
Water Damage

Protect Your Roof from Water Damage

While ensuring that your foundations are solid and properly set up to drain, there are other parts of your home that you should check to help prevent water damage. With a properly waterproofed foundation, there is less to worry about in regards to basement flooding, but there are many other areas of your home that must be properly maintained.

If you do not check up on your roof regularly, it can turn into a dangerous hot spot for water damage. Over time, the build-up of tree debris, leaves, and sticks or twigs can obstruct the smooth drainage on your rooftop. This is especially true if your home has a flat rooftop. Not only can the weight of the rubbish cause undue stress on your roof, it allows water to become trapped. The pressure exhorted by this can seriously weaken a roof over time, especially in cold temperatures when the water freezes and remains.

In general, you should inspect the roof for problems – shingles damaged in any way (missing, broken, cracked, curling, folded over etc.) should be replaced as soon as possible, as it affects the weather resistance of your home’s rooftop. Without shingles, your roof is not waterproofed properly. This means that rainwater and other moisture can seep through to your attic or areas directly below the roof. Moisture unchecked in the interior of your home leads to problems such as warped wood, affecting the structural integrity of your home. Water damage also ruins drywall, paint, and wallpaper. In addition, moist interior atmospheres promote the growth of mold, which is extremely difficult to properly – and safely – clean out of a home.

As well as checking the roof itself, you should inspect the attic or spaces below the roof to ensure that there is proper ventilation. A properly ventilated rooftop can last much longer because of lessened humidity and general heat in the area. If you are unsure of the proper way to check a roof, contact your roofing company for a free estimate and advice.

While you are maintaining the rooftop, remember to check the gutters and downspouts on your home. The same sorts of debris that can end up on top of your roof frequently clog gutters. To guard against this, using chicken wire or other sorts of covers to protect larger objects from clogging your gutters is a great idea. Many companies sell covers that are totally unnoticeable but serve to help water drain and keep your gutters clear. Nonetheless, you still have to clean your gutters once a year to ensure they do not become clogged. Also watch for pools of water and chunks of ice in the wintertime. Too much can also wreck or even burst your gutters if they are improperly draining in wintertime temperatures.

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