Christmas And Water Damage
Holiday Preparedness, Water Damage

Protecting Your Home From Water Damage During Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but that wonderful time can be soured fairly quickly if water damage occurs. Nobody wants to spend their Yuletide season cleaning up a mess, particularly if said mess could have been avoided.

For starters, put a plastic mat under your tree.  In the event you over water, or in any case where the water gets spilled, you can avoid unsightly water stains on your hardwood flooring or carpeting, not to mention the headaches that crop up if the spill is of considerable size.  Pets may also be tempted to “mark their territory” on the Christmas tree, so such a mat would prove invaluable for protection from those “other” stains.

We all may be dreaming of a white Christmas, and snow does make the scenery beautiful, but it loses much of its charm once it has been tracked inside.  Melting snow can cause water damage, again by staining hardwood floors and carpets.  Worse, many people use rock salt on the driveways and walkways to avoid falls, but rock salt can become lodges in shoes cause serious scratches to hardwood flooring.  Always make sure that you and your family wipe you shoes thoroughly before entering the home.  Ideally, have everyone ditch their shoes at the door to avoid the problem altogether.  Place a rug and a storage bin near the entrance and lay down the law.

Speaking of rugs, you might want to buy a few extra and place them throughout your home on the most well-traveled footpaths, particularly if you plan on doing any entertaining.  Food and liquid spills are common, particularly if some of your guests have had a few too many, and a few inexpensive rugs will help protect your flooring.

Restoration Local wishes you and your family a blessed and joyous holiday season.  And if the worst does happen, remember that we are still here, 24/7 at 1-888-443-3110, with same day response, ready to handle all of your water damage repair and restoration needs.  Just save a little eggnog for us!

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