Record January Temperatures Cause Water Damage
Water Damage

Record January Temperatures Cause Water Damage

When thinking of the month of January, heavy snow and chilling temperatures are the first things to come to mind for many people, However, this January has set records for being one of the warmest on record. So far this month is set to be the fourth warmest January in recorded history. Excluding Florida and Washington, every other state has experienced above normal temperatures if not significantly higher temperatures.

Higher than average temperatures this January have created a lot of problems concerning water damage and flooding because of fast melting snow. The combination of the heavy snowfall towards the end of December and the start of January have caused a lot of runoff from melting snow. In many cases, flooded basements and water damage has been reported due to the unexpected weather.

In order to prevent basement flooding is important to take the appropriate steps ahead of time. During the fall it is important to check your gutters to make sure they are clear of leafs or any other debris. In many cases it is necessary to clean out gutters once a year. In addition to checking your gutters it is also important to check to make sure all drainage systems and waterspouts are intact and directed out away from the house. If these spouts are not working properly then water will collect at the base of the home, increasing the likelihood of a flooded basement. Finally, it is also important to look over your basement for any cracks or signs of weakness within the foundation.

If you should find yourself dealing with water damage due to quick melting snow it is important to call a water damage specialist. Water damage companies have trained professionals on call 24 hours a day to help restore your home back to normal. This winter and spring it is important to take the appropriate steps the prevent water intrusion within your home.

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