Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

Carpet & Water Removal

Often times when water spills or leaks onto carpet people take the problem too lightly. Water contamination within carpet can cause a range of problems within the home including permanent water damage, as well as health hazards. If you should come across water-flooded carpet it is important to call a water restoration company to clean up the mess appropriately by removing the water and restoring your home.

Most people come across water damage on their carpet and soak up the mess with towels the best they can and then wait for carpet to dry out on its own. However, these basic steps do not get rid of all of the water, which leaves your home susceptible to water damage and mold damage.

Although using rags to soak up wet carpet does remove some water, it doesn’t remove all of the water. Not removing all of the water can lead to several problems. One such problem is permanent water damage to your home. Rags will only soak up water from the surface of the carpet, leaving the bottom of the carpet wet. If the carpet is over wood floors then this will cause permanent damage to the wood ranging from water stains to rotting wood. Another problem related to poorly dried carpet is mold damage. Mold only needs a little moisture to begin to grow, so trace amounts of water can lead to mold growth at the base of your carpet. Although you may not be able to see small amounts of mold growth, it can still cause health problems. Mold is related to many health problems such as asthma and permanent damage to the lungs. This is why it is important to take the appropriate steps in removing water from carpet.

Water damage companies are experts in the field and have appropriate equipment to remove water from all the hard to reach places, such as underneath carpet. Water damage specialists have high power vacuums that will not only clean the carpet in your home but will also suck up most of the water from the exposed area. Water damage teams also have high-powered dehumidifiers and fans that quickly dry the room out. A third step that is commonly practiced when drying out carpet is actually lifting the carpet from part of the room and using a high powered fan to blow air under the carpet. This technique will make the carpet bubble because of the air circulation taking place underneath the carpet. These steps will thoroughly dry out your carpet, preventing future water damage and mold damage problems.