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Don’t Ignore Pipe Problems

It’s that time of year again for much of the US. Temps are dropping and snow is falling. Did you know that 250,000 families have their homes destroyed by water damage from frozen pipes each year? The ground isn’t cold yet, so it’s not likely to happen soon, but it’s a good time to get ahead of it. Damage from frozen pipes can be truly devastating to a home. Heed our warning and do what you can to prevent it!

Pipes can freeze for multiple reasons. The three most common are extreme temperature drops, low-set thermostats, and faulty insulation. The good news is, this is all preventable. These few steps will help save you money, irritation, and time throughout the harsh winter months.

For starters, make sure the pipes are properly insulated. The attic and crawl space are the two most concerning areas because they are the most exposed. Keep in mind, more insulation means more security. If you live in an area where freezing pipes is more common, you may want to purchase heat tape or heat cables to wrap around pipes to keep them at a stable temperature. When using this type of ‘equipment’ make sure to read the instructions, carefully. Locate any seal leaks. These can be found around dryer vents, pipes, electrical wiring, etc. If any leaks are found, caulk it up right away. Even the smallest leak can let enough air in to cause freezing. When preparing for vacations, make sure the thermostat is at a comfortable temperature of at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or even have someone come over daily to ensure it is warm enough.

In any case where your pipes do freeze and create water damage in your home, make sure to call your local restoration company. Here at Restoration Local, we offer 24/7 service, 365 days a year to all of our customers. Our highly trained professionals will be able to help you anytime, anywhere. We also offer free estimates! Call us today!