Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

Estimating Your Water Loss

Insurance may pay for water damage, but there will be a number of factors examined before any claim is approved. There are steps you need to be aware of and take in order to expedite the process. Be sure to turn off all electrical power before entering into any flooded or flood damaged areas.

Most insurance policies will mandate that you take appropriate steps to prevent any further damage from occurring, and this includes turning off any water that goes to leaking pipes, all the way back to the water main if that is what is required. Holes in roofs or walls should be patched, and the receipts saved for these temporary repairs.  Provide for adequate drainage of all water by opening doors, windows, or drains that will allow water to escape.  Move any and all water sensitive items out of the wet area.

While insurance may pay for water damage, it will not provide for flood damage, so do not clean up any storm related damage until after the adjuster has visited and made their determination.  Insurance may however, pay for your family to stay in a motel for the reasonable duration necessary for repairs to be done. Save all lodging and meal receipts.

The adjuster’s visit to your home will be for the purpose of examining and photographing the water damage, using a computer program to estimate the amount of the claim. You will need to provide the age and purchase price of each item named in the claim. Unless you have replacement cost insurance, then the computer program will depreciate each item by about 10 percent for each year since it was purchased.

Most insurance deductibles are in the amount of $500 to $1000, and such deductible may be paid back to you if the damage was the responsibility of someone else, such as an upstairs neighbor leaving their bathtub to overflow, causing water damage to your downstairs residence. If someone else caused the damage, be sure to get their full name, address, number, employers, drivers licence number, insurance company name, and policy number.