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Flash Flooding Dangers – Creeks And Streams

We all know that flash floods are the most dangerous type of flooding condition. They form within a matter of minutes, and can move at a high rate of speed across the landscape, usually with enough force to wipe away cars, livestock, people, and even entire structures. Flash flooding leads across the nation when it comes to severe weather related deaths. It is therefore important to know what to look for and expect when flash floods are called for.

Streams and creeks are two areas to avoid any time there has been significant rainfall, since they may easily overflow and become the source of a flash flood scenario. If you have a stream or creek running through your property, keep a close eye on it and be prepared to get out of its way if the levels begin to rise sharply. Once a stream overflows its banks you may find the rest of your property underwater in a relatively short period of time.

Remember that flash floods often give little or no warning to those in their path, and was the alarm is sounded, you may have minutes or only seconds to save your live. Be prepared to move to higher ground immediately, and do not make any attempt to return to your home until flood waters have receded and the all clear has been given by local emergency management.

If you are driving and come across fast moving flood waters, do not make any attempt to drive through it. Floods can be deceiving, and the road beneath may not even be there anymore.  Most flash flood related fatalities are due to people becoming trapped in their vehicle. If you find yourself trapped by rising waters, exit your vehicle and move to higher ground.

It is important to remember that it only takes about six inches of moving water to knock a grown man off his feet, and once you are caught up in moving flood waters it can be all but impossible to get out.  No matter how good a swimmer you may be, you are not going to be any match for a flood. Avoiding the flood threat is always the first and best option.

Flash floods can also cause severe damage to structures, so make sure any building is structurally sound before entering. The last thing you need after surviving a flood is to have a home or business collapse around you.