Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

Flooding And Storms

Flooding is prominent this time of year. Heavy storms bring flash flooding and severe water damage. Water damage caused by flooding should not be ignored as it can bring with it insects, displaced animals, bacteria, chemicals and all sorts of issues.   Consider the following when dealing with flooding after a storm:

Be sure to begin storm damage and water damage cleanup as soon as possible after flooding or storms. As stated above, floodwaters bring dangerous and harmful things to your home. Mold damage begins in as little as 48 to 72 hours after a flood event. Don’t allow cleanup to become a bigger issue than it is if possible.

Know where shutoff valves are in your home. Water shutoff and electricity shutoff points should be well known by everyone living there that is capable of turning these off. Water plus electricity equals electrocution and many deaths occur post flooding due to this. Have emergency numbers on hand in case of downed power lines around your home as well. Be sure to stay clear of these lines.

Don’t overdo it. While waiting for water damage restoration companies, you can move valuables to higher ground, but be careful doing so. Don’t wade into floodwaters or put yourself at any risk. Your life means more than any object in your home.

Make sure to contact a certified water damage restoration company that is fully trained in all areas of water damage. Water damage companies seem to come out of the woodwork after an area suffers from flooding. Make sure the one you contact has the credentials to back up their claims.

Our water damage restoration teams are available 24/7 for all of your water damage and flooding needs. Our water damage restoration teams are fully trained to extract water and clean and dry the affected area. Then they will restore your home to its pre-loss condition. We offer free estimates that are done in person. Contact us today for any and all of your water damage restoration needs.