Mold Removal, Water Damage

Getting Rid of Mold in Your Home

Mold is the all-encompassing term used for a multitude of fungi. There are hundreds of thousands of different types of species of fungi and many of them can adapt themselves to grow in your home. Mold grows most easily in dank conditions – areas where it is damp, moist, and warm. They grow by spreading spores and various types of mold can survive almost any type of temperature conditions. Whenever a home or building has suffered water damage, it is a target for mold growth. With enough time, mold infestations can be extremely hazardous to human health and the best way to detect mold is to have an inspection. The homes that are most likely to be at risk for mold damage are those that have experienced water damage.

People can commonly tell if mold is present in their building if they are paying attention to right places. There is a certain smell that permeates the areas that some people notice. Think of a musty basement – that slightly thick smell is mold growing in an area that you use infrequently. The danger that mold presents to individuals’ health is impossible to ascertain until after individuals have already started displaying negative symptoms. Some molds are simply dangerous to human health no matter what the time of contact. Other types of mold are only dangerous when individuals are exposed for extended periods of time. When individuals inhale a large quantity of mold spores, it can lead to lung problems that can only be solved over time. The easiest way to ascertain the level of mold in your home is to use a professional mold remediation company to quickly inspect and remove the mold present in your home.

Impact of Mold

Some people are quite sensitive to molds. They can exhibit signs ranging from stuffiness, skin irritation, and other allergy symptoms to wheezing, fevers, and more extensive respiratory problems. Extended contact with mold in enclosed areas is enough to cause severe lifestyle problems for otherwise healthy individuals because of the aforementioned spore inhalation. When a home has mold, it can cause asthmatic-like symptoms unless the mold is removed. In some cases, more deadly toxic molds can cause serious illnesses and even death. The type of dangers that mold can exhibit are varied because there are so many different species and circumstances that mold can grow within. The most important preventative measures that can be taken is simply taking care to note what causes mold and regular inspection after your home experiences water damage.

Mold is found everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Where organic materials exist so too can mold prosper. The materials of a building can all contain mold over time if it is not properly inspected and cleaned. Fiberglass insulation, fibrous wood building materials, leather, fabrics, drywall, and all other materials used can all contain mold under the wrong conditions. Some species of mold can survive in freezing cold or the high temperatures of a fire. The easiest way to avoid mold is constant cleaning, regular inspections, and targeted maintenance to ensure that your home is safe. Using a mold restoration company is one easy way to take care of mold when it has become too drastic and these remediation companies also can provide easy inspections and estimates for a home at any time.

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