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Handling Water Damage In Your Crawlspace

Of all the places that you can have water damage in the home, your crawlspace has to be one of the most difficult ones to work with. Not so much a basement as simply an open area under the home, the crawlspace is often difficult to get to, and even harder to work in, which makes it all but impossible to know whether or not you have accomplished your water restoration task.

Crawlspaces on their own, on a good day, are dark and damp, providing the perfect setting for long term problems such as mod growth to come into play. While acting as a permanent part of the foundation for a structure, it is important to be proactive in keeping the area reasonably dry and hopefully mold free.

Your crawlspace should be kept as dry as possible, because dampness is the key to mold growth. You can use dehumidifiers, as many as needed, to keep humidity levels within acceptable parameters, and don’t forget to check any and all piping that runs through the crawlspace for signs of leaks.  Any water left standing for longer than 24 hours is inviting trouble.

Another way to avoid mold in the crawlspace is to look for and remove the food source. Mold feeds on any organic, porous material such as paper, wood, rust, fabric, as well as any and all dead plants or animals that may be present. Some folks use their crawlspace for storage. This is a mistake since it provides a number of nutritional sources for mold to crop up.

Water problems in the crawlspace should be dealt with promptly, since they will not improve on their own and will in fact only get worse over time. Mold should be treated with the same level of urgency, and the area will need proper treatment to ensure that the mold does not return in the future.  Mold is not only an unattractive sight, but it can and will have an effect on folks living in the home, particularly those with immature or weakened immune systems, such as babies/toddlers, and the elderly.

Mold removal should be handled by licensed, certified mold remediation professionals, who have the equipment and techniques available to remove the mold without spreading it to other areas of the home.

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