Mold Removal, Water Damage

Keeping the Basement Mold Free

A basement can be dark, damp and unappealing or it can be like an extension to your home — bright, fresh and free of mold.  To strive for the latter, there are methods to put in place and maintain.

Starting with construction design, water should flow away from the home to prevent rain, snow or other sources such as drain pipes from flowing into the basement.

Basement waterproofing helps eliminate moisture on the walls, which prevents mold, mildew and other types of insects that breed in a damp environment.

As homes or buildings age and the foundation begins to change or sink, water flowing in and causing basement leaks become more problematic.  This is when a professional should be called upon to restore and remedy this situation.

As for the interior of the basement, most important, always keep the area dry.  Whether the basement is finished or unfinished, it should include ventilation just as any other room in your home or business. A ventilation system should be installed for heat and air conditioning.  Install exhaust fans in the bathroom. Ceiling fans are another option to keep the air circulating.

For finished basements, waterproofing should be used starting with the drywall and the paint, as well as waterproofing products for the ceilings and floor.

Maintain a modest temperature to prevent condensation on windows and any exposed pipes.  Even better, pipes can be insulated.

Dehumidifiers help to draw excessive moisture out of the air.  Let the sun shine through as much as possible during the day, or if that is not enough, use energy saver lighting.

Invest in a sump pump and battery backup to prevent basement flooding in the event of flash flooding or other weather-related conditions.

Check washers and other appliances hooked up to a water supply line for defects that might begin to leak and cause water damage.

If these preventative measures are followed, then the basement should be free of mold and feel as dry and comfortable as other areas of your home or business.

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