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Thawing Pipes

Subzero temperatures are causing pipes to freeze all across the country this winter. While prevention is key, what do you do when you discover your pipes have frozen? If you have a pipe that has frozen but not burst, there are some things you can do to thaw it and avoid the water damage that comes with a frozen pipe that has burst. There are also some things you should NOT do. Let’s review both:

  • DO turn on the faucet to allow water to come through as the pipe thaws.
  • DO apply heat to the frozen pipe – or the area of the pipe that you can access. Do this by wrapping it with a heating pad or using a hair dryer at a safe distance. You can also wrap warm towels around the exposed area (soak a towel in water and put it in the dryer until it’s very warm).
  • DO NOT use any type of open flame to thaw the pipe. You don’t want to trade water damage problems with fire damage problems. This can be very dangerous.

If you’re unable to thaw the pipe in a reasonable amount of time or the pipe is not accessible, contact a plumber. If water damage has occurred, contact a water damage restoration company to remove the excess water, dry the area, and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

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