Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

The Dangers of Stagnant Water

Water damage can occur all at once or seep slowly into your home over time. Whether it is a flood or a slow leak it is very important to know the dangers of water damage within the home. The longer water sits within the home more likely it is to become hazardous to your health and the cleanup becomes more extreme.

Stagnant water within your home can come from a clean source or a not so clean source. Clean sources of water include, a water from a burst pipe or rain water from a leak in the ceiling, this type of water does not bring in contaminants with it, but if not cleaned up in a timely matter can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Examples of contaminated sources of water damage within your home include flooding and backed up sewage. Water damage from flooding might seem harmless, but ground water brings in many bacteria’s and potential chemicals and pesticides from outdoors. These types of water intrusion are already filled with bacteria and potential disease, so the longer the water sits within your property the longer the contaminates will have to multiply.

Sitting water also brings with it a lot of other potential problems aside from harmful bacteria and disease. The longer water sits the more likely mold will start to grow. Within just 48 hours of water being within the home mold damage will start to take root. Another problem that stagnant water brings into the home includes insects and animals. Many bugs are attracted to sitting water and other insects actually breed within stagnant water such as mosquitoes. Rats, mice and other small rodents have been known to be attracted to sitting water in basements and garages. The key to avoiding these problems is to get rid of water as soon as it is identified. The longer you wait to remove water from your home increases the chances of running into other related problems.

Stagnant water within the home can cause a lot of complications the longer it sits, not to mention the potential health hazards. To avoid health issues, and to get rid of the problem all together it is recommended to call a water damage specialist to remove the water. Water restoration teams are trained professionals in removing hazardous water and cleaning the area thoroughly to make sure no future problems arise.