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Toilet Backups


Toilet backups can and do occur in every household. Unfortunately, they can’t always be avoided. There are multiple causes for toilet backups in your home.

Sewers and pumps that are too small can cause a toilet backup. Broken, cracked, blocked pipes, and faulty equipment can also cause toilet failure. Natural causes like severe weather causing sewage backups or tree roots growing into pipes can cause toilet backups. Over time, even shifting dirt can cause enough wear and tear to a pipe to cause problems with your toilet. A more common cause would be human error, though. Sewer, piping, or toilet installation issues often cause backups. Consider professional plumbers or water restoration experts when tackling plumbing issues or water damage problems.

After noticing toilet backup, you can choose to clean it yourself or call someone to take care of the mess. I highly recommend calling a professional. Backed up sewage can cause serious health dangers. What with diseases, bacteria, and anything else you can find in the sewer, it’s not exactly something you want to be involved with without protective equipment. Professionals will have all of this equipment and more to make sure that the problem is taken care of in a delicate, cleanly manner. Upon leaving, they will be able to ensure you that the area is now properly cleaned and safe for you and your family.

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