Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

Visible Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can ruin your home and be very costly and in both time and money. Take time now to look for visible causes of potential water damage to prevent frustrating situations in the future. Visible causes of water damage can be easy to identify if you know what to look for.

Roofing and Attics

One of the most obvious signs of the beginning of water damage can be seen through a drip from the ceiling. Most typically these are found near chimneys, skylights, ceiling vents, as well as other structures incorporated into the roof. These problems can be caused due to faulty roof tiling, old roof tiling, or gradual wear and tear on the roof such as people working on top of the roof or tree branches hitting the roof.

Water damage can be less obvious in attics because people most often do not see the inside of their attics during rainfall. However, leaks in attics can be typical because of inadequate insulation. Not taking notice of leaks in the attic will eventually allow water to seep into other rooms of your home that are more noticeable and cause stressful situations.

Doors and Windows

Visible causes of water damage can be found in windows and doors. If doors and windows are not installed properly then they will allow water to find its way in causing damage to wallpaper, wood as well as the many other valuable items that it could come into contact with.

Faulty windows can also cause insulation problems within the home. Most windows today are made with two sheets of glass. Faulty windows allow water and moisture to build up causing fogging of the windows that cannot be wiped away. This is also a sign of poor insulation within the home as well. Keep an eye on the windows and doors of your homes, especially during rainfall and changes in temperature to find signs of visual water damage to your home.

Gutters and Drains

Additional visible causes of water damage can be seen in drains and gutters. During periods of rain you can easily identify clogged gutters by an overflow of water. Proper functioning gutters should collect water from the roof and send it down drains, directing it away from the base of the home or building. Overflowing gutters may not seem like a big deal, but this is a false assumption. When gutters are clogged or broken water falls and collects at the base of the home. This build up of water so close to a building is bad for the foundation with the potential to cause rotting of the wood. Water build up at the base of a home also significantly increases the chances of the basement flooding, causing a much bigger problem then fixing a few malfunctioning gutters. Take time to check your gutters and call for assistance from a trained professional if there are any potential problems.

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