Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage from Internal Plumbing

Water damage is a common problem in just about any household. Perhaps the most frustrating water intrusion is damage that you cannot identify the source of the problem. Water damage can occur all at once or slowly over time. However, when dealing with a water leak from an unknown source the problem is most likely a slow gradual leak. In the majority scenarios where the leak is hidden or hard to find, the problem is from faulty plumbing within the walls.

When dealing with a flood or a leak in the roof it is often easy to find out where the water source is coming from. Finding a leak in such scenarios is as easy as finding where the water is entering the house and then fixing the hole, or damage wall. However, internal plumbing can be a lot more difficult to deal with because the leak could be coming from a number of places.

When pipes within your walls leak, the water can travel down the pipes and gather different places within the ceiling or floorboards. Eventually the water will collect in a general area forming a bubble or water blister on the ceiling. You can poke a hole in the ceiling to allow the water to drain, however this will not help identify the source of water intrusion.

If you are trying to identify the source of water damage you have to run water faucets separately and identify what faucet causes the water to collect within the ceiling. Although this will help you identify what faucet is causing the water to leak, it is important to note that it will also continue to spread the water damage. However, once the faucet is identified you can avoid using it until the pipe is fixed.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix an internal leak is to actually go through the wall and find the leak. After finding the leak, you might be able to repair the pipe, or if the damage is too sever you will need to replace the pipe altogether. Due to the difficulty of finding the leak within the wall it is recommended to call a water damage company to identify the leak, while causing minimal damage to the house. Water restoration specialists not only find the leak they are professionals at restoring your home back to normal in a timely manner.

Unwanted water in the home is a common problem, however if you don’t know where the water is coming from the problem can become that much more difficult. Make sure to isolate where the water is coming from and then call a water restoration company to take care of the leak for you, in order to avoid any additional damage to your home.