Flooded Basement, Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage in Basement Clean Up

When rainfall increases it always brings the potential for basements to flood. If you have experienced this problem be sure to take the appropriate steps in order to properly clean up your basement. Before starting on the clean up it is important to contact your insurance company and take pictures of the damage so an estimate can be taken. Obviously the biggest part of destruction during a flood is water damage, however many people do not know the full extent that water damage can cause. Here are a few less obvious effects that water damage can have on your property.

Damage to Electronics

If you have electronics set up or stored in your basement you need to be careful when using them after a flood. Before using an electronic item that has experienced water damage it is important that you allow an appropriate amount of time to pass for the item to fully dry out. Plugging in the electronic device while it is still wet or damp can cause it to short out, or could shock the person when it is plugged into an outlet. After letting an item dry out for a significant amount of time you can then try plugging in the device. If the item turns on make sure to keep an eye on it the first few times using it because it may still short out and potentially start a fire. These are some important steps to take while testing out your electronic devices after experiencing a flooded basement.

Hidden Water Damage

After flooding many people just focus on getting the water out of the basement and do not take any other significant steps in their clean up efforts. You may get your basement looking back to normal after a flood but the water may have brought in an unseen problem. When water floods the home it gets into many small cracks and unseen parts of the home. Water left in these areas of the home allow mold to grow and create significant health hazards to anyone who comes into contact with them. This is why it is important to get the water out as quick as possible and clean your basement thoroughly before moving on with your life.

Structural Water Damage

Flooding of the basement not only causes destruction of many personal items in the basement but it can also cause structural damage to your property. When water enters your home and gets into places it’s not supposed to it can cause wood to rot and soften. Over time the wood continues to weaken, with it weakening the foundation of your home. To prevent this from happening make sure to remove water as quickly as possible and to call a water restoration specialist to check for signs of structural damage to your home.

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