Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

What Will My Home Insurance Cover?

One question we get a lot in the water damage restoration business is: Will my home insurance cover this? The answer is almost always the same: Maybe. Water damage is the number one reason homeowners submit claims to their home insurance companies. Annually, water damage causes millions of dollars in damages to homes each year. This doesn’t include flooding damage. Flooding damage is not covered by home insurance. It’s only covered under the National Flood Insurance Program, and only some communities participate in this program.

What might a homeowner insurance policy cover when it comes to water damage? Home insurance policies typically don’t cover property damaged due to wear and tear. So, if your washing machine hose breaks open while the washer is in use and dumps 20 gallons of water on your floor, your insurance company might cover the damage caused by the water – but it’s probably not going to cover the damaged hose. This is good news for the homeowner, though, because a broken washing machine hose costs much less than the damage created by it.

All insurance companies are different, and most home insurance policies are different so it’s impossible to provide a blanket statement on what your homeowner insurance policy covers in regard to water damage. However, our water damage restoration specialists will work closely with your insurance company to determine what should be covered in the event of water damage to your home.

Remember, while your home insurance company can recommend a water restoration company to you, they can’t insist you use a specific company. Choose a company available 24/7 with a rapid response time. Choose a company with decades of experience that can handle all levels of water damage. Choose a company with courteous, respectful employees. Choose Restoration Local.