Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

When To Call The Pros Following Water Damage Or Basement Flooding

Water damage can wreck a home on the level that not even fire can match, causing immediate damage and long term issues that will only become progressively more problematic over time. Contrast that with a  fire where once you’ve put it out, it’s pretty much overwith.  The longer water remains in your home, however, the more damage is going to be done. In fact, it is the long term prognosis with water damage that is the real killer, not what happens immediately.

Of course, small spills may be successfully cleaned up by homeowners with no lasting effects. Large scale problems such as burst pipes or issues related to flooding basements may be far more severe. Even as little as an inch of water is enough to encompass an entire room, and the damage left behind may cost hundred or thousands of dollars. Now imagine a major flooding scenario where the waterline is several feet up on the wall. You find yourself dealing with destruction of furniture, flooring, carpet, drywall, and major damage to electrical and HVAC systems.

For this reason alone, it is important to call in a water restoration professional. These outfits know the water damage scene and can take the appropriate actions necessary to stop the leak, remove the excess water, dry everything out, and then properly treat the area so that there are no long term after effects.

You have to remember that 1) water damage will not get better on its own; it will only get worse, and 2) problems such as mold may set in within 72 hours of a water damage event, and even sooner if the water in question in sewage based.  What I am saying is that the clock is ticking, and the successful restoration of your home may depend on the decisions you make within the first few hours.

Professional restoration companies have the equipment and procedures in place to take care of even the largest water damage scenarios. They can take the appropriate steps, in the right order, designed to remove the excess water from your home, dry everything out, and remove the water damage threat.

Even more important, they know where to look for water damage problems in areas that most of us would never think to look. The unseen and hidden water damage is the greatest threat to any structure, because once it gets bad enough to be stumbled upon by the average homeowner, the level of damage inflicted is already considerable.

Your home and its valuables are too precious to trust to some fly by night operation, or to try and clean up on your own without experience, training, and the proper gear. So make sure that you entrust your home to an experience, certified professional. Look for the Clean Trust or RIA seal of approval before signing any contracts or authorizing any work, and ask about their comprehensive industry standard guarantee on all work performed.