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Winter Preparations for Water Damage

During the spring or a warm spell in the middle of winter many people have the unfortunate incident of coming across water damage in their homes. Bursts and cracks in pipes are a common problem if the appropriate steps are not taken to prevent the damage. During the fall, before freezing temperature reach your area, is the time to take action to prevent water damage from fractured pipes.

When cold weather arrives with winter is the time that damage most commonly occurs to pipes. If water is left within pipes and they are exposed to the cold it causes the water to freeze and expand. The expanding, freezing water exerts such a large amount of outward pressure on the pipes that it can cause them to fracture and break. This causes significant water damage within the home from dripping or spraying pipes.

When pipes burst you can actually hear a crack or a burst. However, many people do not experience water damage right away because the water is still frozen. For this reason most people do not actually identify the damage to their pipes until a warm spell comes along, melting the water and creating a flowing leak within the home.

The time to take action to prevent damaged pipes is during the fall before freezing temperatures arrive. No outdoor faucets should be used during winter because the water will freeze within the pipes. This is why it is important to turn off the water to all outdoor faucets and pipes in the fall.

Another scenario that often results in damaged pipes is when people go on vacation during the winter. When people leave town for vacation or the holidays they often turn down the thermostat to their home to save energy. However, turning down the thermostat too low can cause water within indoor pipes to freeze and eventually flood your home. Although turning down the thermostat when leaving the home can save money on the energy bill, it is important not to turn down the heat too low.

As winter begins to settle in, make sure you take the time to turn off all external sources of water to you home or else you might find yourself knee deep in water in the spring. If water damage problems do arise or if you need help making sure you have your home prepared for winter be sure to call a water restoration specialist to remove or prevent water damage.