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Winter Weather Prep As Cold Weather Settles In Across The US…

With parts of the south and Midwest seeing their first below freezing temps of the season, signs that Old Man Winter may have arrived a month or so early are becoming much more readily apparent. With that in mind, Restoration Local and the National Weather Service are warning folks to properly begin to prepare their homes and vehicles for the coming winter season. Ideally, preparation should always be completed before the weather turns nasty.

One of the most dangerous scenarios that anyone can find themselves in is to be stranded in their car during a severe snow or ice storm. The idea of trying to keep you and your family warm, trying to get out of a snowdrift, and hoping against hope that your car battery lasts. With such vivid imagery in mind, it is recommended that you assemble a winter car kit in case just such a scenario arises.

In the trunk of your car, you should keep a supply of energy type snacks, a set of jumper cables with clean connections, road flares, and a shovel.  You may also want to keep a supply of kitty litter, sand, or roof shingles, all of which are excellent methods for providing a source of traction for tires in slippery situations. You also want to keep cash in your wallet, since power outages due to ice or snow will render ATMs and credit card swipes inactive.

If you end up stranded inside your home, then you want to be prepared for a 7 to 10 day power outage. You should have a supply of bottled water, about two gallons per family member. Gas is another commodity, since you may need it to cook. Non perishable food items and a manual can opener are also must haves.

The Weather Service also recommend the cleaning of your furnace and chimney before the first snowfall, since debris in the chimney could cause a fire when the fireplace has been lit.

Meterologists in your area will be constantly monitoring rapidly changing weather conditions, and it is unlikely that a winter storm situation will be on top of you without warning.  In most cases, alerts are put out online, on the air, and over radio and TV.  Winter storm watches mean that you have anywhere from 12-48 hours before a storm hits, and winter storm warnings mean that severe weather is expected imminently and may be life threatening. Ice storm warnings mean that a quarter inch or more of ice is expected.

These tips are designed to help citizens protect themselves, as well as preserving valuable public resources, by allowing citizens the opportunity to provide help for themselves as opposed to having to call in for help from local authorities in the event of severe weather.

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