Sewage In The Crawl Space
Sewage Cleanup

Sewage In The Crawl Space

Any type of flooding in a crawl space is difficult to deal with.  Not only is hard to navigate in the small area of a crawl space, the conditions of dirt, concrete, and piping make it even more challenging.  When the flooding is sewage, it’s time to call in a specialist.  Sewage flooding contains dangerous pathogens that can make you seriously ill.  The bacteria, viruses, and parasites in sewage can cause dangerous infections, diarrhea, and other illnesses.  For these reasons, sewage cleanup should be done by professionals trained to deal with these situations without causing harm to themselves or others.

How do you know if you have sewage damage in your crawl space?  Most people don’t visit their crawl space often.  One of the biggest signs that will alert you to sewage or any type of water damage in your crawl space is smell. Many times you won’t be able to determine where a foul smell is coming from.  We don’t recommend you climb into a crawl space yourself if you suspect flooding there.  If it is due to sewage waters, you don’t want to come into contact with it.

Sewage remediation specialists clean and repair the damage that caused the sewage flooding then will often use a lime cleaner help disperse the odor.

The smell caused by sewage damage is usually pretty easy to spot, but if it has been there a while, you may have gotten used to it – believe it or not – and it may just come across as a musty smell.  If you have met with mold remediation specialists and they are not able to find mold, contact a sewage remediation specialist or one that focuses on water damage.  It’s very possible you have issues elsewhere!

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