Shower Use and Water Damage
Water Damage

Shower Use and Water Damage

Water damage can from a range of places, many of which you least expect. Often time water rises up from a flooded basement and other times water comes in from a leak in the ceiling. However, many people do not realize that water damage can come from within their own walls. If you are experiencing water damage within the home and you are unsure of where the source is coming from it could be in result to your habits in the bathroom.

Water damage can result in poor shower or bathroom habits. Fixing your morning routine is much more convenient then trying to fix the problems that can arise from water damage. Most people do not realize water damage is taking place from their shower habits because it is a process that happens over time.

What Causes Water Leaks From A Shower?

Water can leak out of the shower due to a number of reasons. Often times bathrooms that use shower curtains rather than a door will allow water to escape and drip onto the floor. This problem can be fixed by taking the time to move the bar that holds the curtain further inward into the shower. Water escaping from a shower curtain can also be prevented by making sure that after you start the water, the curtain is pressed against the wall and no water is leaving the shower.

Taking showers that are too long and having the water temperature too high can also cause water damage within the home. If the water is too hot then steam and condensation will build up along the walls. This can cause water to collect and drip down on the floor or seep into the floorboards. Also, as moisture collects on the walls it allows mold to grow creating an additional problem of mold damage.

If you pay attention to your shower habits and you don’t see any water leaving shower and steam isn’t collecting on the walls then it might be a leak on the inside of the wall. If pipes aren’t tight enough, or if they are jolted loose, then water can stream out every time the pipes are in use.

Call The Professionals

If you notice cracks, blisters or stains on your ceiling it most likely is due to water damage. If you can’t identify an external leak to your home it is most likely due to water escaping within the bathroom or a burst pipe. If you should find yourself dealing with water damage it is important to call a water restoration company to take care of the problem. If the problem is left alone it will only grow and fester into additional water damage within the home, which will have to be fixed eventually.

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