Simple Steps For A Flooded Basement
Flood Damage

Simple Steps For A Flooded Basement

The image of having your basement flooded can be overpowering. This is especially true since the home is a place of sanctuary that we instantly isolate from all the outside and nature’s forces. So when this boundary is crossed and we see a lake within our house, it is natural that we are overcome by this new disaster and revelation. So what are the proper steps to take if your basement is flooded?

A disclaimer before I continue: these steps are strictly the necessary steps that I believe should be taken in a general situation of basement flooding. In no way, can these steps be perfect for all situations as some might require more emergency action. Use this as a guide, not a manual.

1) Locate the areas of flooding and to section them off so that no unsuspecting person can accidentally find themselves standing in a mini-pond. Keep young children and others a distance away from the flooded area, as mold may have already grown. Any exposure to the surrounding air can cause respiratory disease and sickness.

2) Make sure all electrical devices and outlets in that area are shut off. This will eliminate the chance of being electrocuted when standing near the flooded basement. Also take the time to take a look at the structure and notice for any abnormalities such as floors warping, changing shapes, sinking, etc. This is a form of water damage called structural damage and can lead to a catastrophic structure failure, leading to a worst case scenario of losing a home completely.

3) Contact a┬áprofessional water restoration company to extract the water from your basement. This can easily be done by accessing 33 Mile Radius and using the website’s features, such as immediately connecting to a local water restoration company that will be easily accessible by you. If you spot mold visible, make sure to also contact a professional mold removal company.

These are 3 simple rules to follow when there is a flooded basement discovered. Again, every situation has its own different circumstances and twists. Thus, you must use common sense when it comes to these specific situations. If you follow these rules, in addition to your instincts, basement restoration will be accomplished very quickly, and lives will be able to be returned to normal.

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