Staying Safe During a Hurricane
Storm Damage

Staying Safe During a Hurricane

With intense winds and harsh rain beating down on your house, riding out a tropical storm can be an intimidating experience. Most people take the appropriate steps to prepare the best they can before a hurricane arrives but it is just as important to your safety to take the right actions during a storm.

  1. Find a Safe Place to Stay: If the area you live in does not require evacuation, then make sure to find a safe place to stay. If the building you are in is not secure stay at a friend’s house, or check into a hotel to see the storm through. Once in a secure building be sure to find a room without any windows. Some of the best places to stay during a hurricane include internal first-floor bathrooms and closets as well as basements. Overall, it is important to stay away from exterior windows and stay as close to you can to ground floor or basement. Often times people are tempted to gaze out the window at the storm, but it is important to stay away from all windows until the storm has passed.
  2. Be Mindful to the Threat of Flooding: Flooding can cause significant water damage to your home and steps should be taken to make sure your home is protected from water before the hurricane arrives. However, sometimes flooding cannot be prevented. If you notice that your home has started to flood it is important to reach the main breaker and turn off the electricity to the building. This will prevent shorting out your main breaker as well as eliminating the potential of getting electrocuted.
  3. Eliminate Unnecessary Activities: During a hurricane, many common activities that may appear harmless put you in danger of electrocution. While the storm passes over it may be tempting to be on your computer but it is important not to use any electrical devices that are plugged into the wall. In addition to staying away from electrical devices, it is also important to refrain from taking a shower or a bath as the storm passes over. Lightning can strike at any time and travel into the water that you are bathing within. For this reason, it is best to wait until after a storm to take a shower.

Taking the right steps during a storm is just as important to your safety as the preparations made before a storm arrives. When the hurricane does hit, stay put in a safe location and be mindful to your surroundings. No matter what happens don’t go outside or stand by the window until the storm has fully passed.

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