Staying Safe While Cleaning Water Damage
Water Damage

Staying Safe While Cleaning Water Damage

Preparing for water damage can be difficult because most people do not anticipate dealing with water-related problems. Aside from not being prepared for water restoration, most property owners do not know the appropriate way to clean up damages. Cleaning up water might appear to be a no brainer, remove the water and dry out the bogged down area. However, water restoration is much more complex than getting rid of the water, because of the problems that accompany water damage.

During a flood everyone notices the water that has invaded the property, but many people do not realize that with the water bugs, germs and mold make their way into the home as well. After as little as two days of sitting water within the home mold starts to grow. The problem is that even after the water is removed from your home mold will still stick around, resulting in health problems for anyone who breathes in the mold contaminated air. Breathing air within mold-contaminated rooms can result in asthma attacks, allergy inflammation, and even permanent damage to the lungs.

The serious health problems related to mold growth within the home is nothing to be taken lightly and that is why it is important to remove the mold quickly as well as safely. When trying to remove mold from your property it is important to wear the appropriate safety equipment.

  1. Gloves: The use of gloves is highly important when cleaning up mold in order to avoid direct contact with the substance. Touching or brushing up against mold can cause irritation and rashes to the skin.
  2. Long Pants and Long Sleeves: Even though it might be hot while cleaning up mold damage it is important to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants as well. Gloves will protect your skin from irritation but mold will be on the gloves and can be transferred to any other part of the body that you touch. For this reason it is important to wear clothes that leaves little to no skin exposed.
  3. Goggles: It is important to have on goggles when cleaning up mold because the air in the contaminated area can irritate your eyes. Make sure to use goggles without vents in them because these will not protect your eyes while in the infested area.
  4. N95 Respirator: Perhaps the most health damage done to your body is from breathing in the surrounding air. For this reason it is important to protect your lungs by wearing a respirator while cleaning up the mess. Many people try to use dust masks or handkerchiefs to protect themselves from breathing in the contaminated air, but hazardous material can pass through these masks, damaging your respiratory system. Using a respirator will separate the mold toxins from the air that you are inhaling, keeping you safe during the cleanup.

No one ever wants to have to deal with water and mold damage but when the problem arises it is important to take care of the problem quickly and safely before health problems begin to effect your loved ones. When dealing with mold restoration make sure to wear the appropriate safety equipment, or call a water restoration company to safely restore your home.

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