Structural Risks of Water Damage
Water Damage

Structural Risks of Water Damage

If your property ever becomes exposed to a good amount of water due to flooding or other water-related issues, it can quickly cause structural damage to your property. Besides health risks such as mold. Water damage can cause the following.

Unstable Structural Concerns:

  • Foundation and Concrete problems
  • Support Columns can move
  • Damage to wood support beams such as swelling, rotting and warping
  • Floors and stairs may become unstable
  • Roofs have been known to collapse

Damage to Utilities:

  • Electrical components and systems can short out causing fires and shocks
  • Gas lines can rupture
  • Clean water supply can be infected

If you or anyone you know has had water damage in the past it is critical that all of the above is looked at as soon as possible. Water damage is no joke and that why is it always best to call a water damage professional.

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