Summer Water Damage Hazards
Water Damage

Summer Water Damage Hazards

Don’t let this summer be ruined by flooding and water damage. Obviously, major flooding events can’t be avoided, but minor flooding and water damage often can. Taking care of these issues right away will help you save money, save water, and save yourself a visit from a water damage restoration specialist. Water damage that isn’t taken care of right away can cause severe deterioration to any area it comes into contact with over time.

Floodwaters specifically need to be cleaned up as soon as possible because harmful bacteria, parasites and fungi will contaminate the water and can cause severe health issues to you and your family. Any object that comes into contact with floodwaters should be either professionally cleaned or thrown away. If floodwaters contain sewage, it’s imperative that they be thrown away. Sewage contains ‘black water’ which causes black mold. Instead of hoping you get it ‘clean enough’, replace it. It’s not worth the risk as it can be deadly.

A great home investment is a dehumidifier. Humidity is often at its highest during the months of June, July, and August in the United States. Using a humidifier will help keep generally moist areas of the home dry – your basement, your bathroom, and your kitchen are usually the rooms with the highest humidity levels. Plus, if your home does encounter water damage or flooding, a humidifier will help dry it much more quickly.

Stagnant water is a danger during the summer. Don’t allow kiddie pools to sit uncovered for weeks. It will not only attract bugs and stray animals, but it will also become a collection of bacteria, parasites, and other harmful organisms that can be dangerous to your children’s health.

Be smart when cleaning any minor water damage on your own. Use protective gear – a mask, protective eyewear, boots, and gloves. Do not wade into flooded water in your home. And be sure to turn off the electricity whenever you’re dealing with water damage.

If water damage or flooding is extensive or if you’d like the help of a professional water damage remediation team, contact us today. We’re here day and night, 24/7 and no job is too big OR too small. Using a water damage remediation team will ensure the job is done efficiently and correctly the first time. As water damage experts, we can assure no mold growth will occur so you can keep your family safe and enjoy the summer!

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