The Basics Of Drying Anything
Water Damage

The Basics Of Drying Anything

There are several ways to dry out just about anything. Water damage can be very destructive. The sooner you start drying things out, the less likely for permanent damage. When water damage causes problems in your house, try these proven methods to begin the drying process:

  • Open windows – Allow air to circulate around the wet air to not only start the drying process but to also start to eliminate any odors that exist, too.
  • Use fans – Even smaller room fans can help dry a floor or other object. You can rent heavy-duty fans from most hardware stores to speed the process along.
  • Wet/Dry Vac – A wet/dry vac can work wonders by picking up excess water over any surface. These can be rented from a hardware store as well.
  • Dehumidifiers – Another rentable item is a dehumidifier. If your house doesn’t already have one (some hvac systems do), you can rent on to pull excess water from the air.

All of these methods are very useful and can even be done alone when water damage is minor. For major water damage problems or if cleanup is proving to be more difficult that you expected, contact a water restoration specialist.

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