The Challenges of a Flooded Basement
Flood Damage

The Challenges of a Flooded Basement

You open your basement door and get a sinking feeling in your stomach when you see that it is submerged in water.  What should you do next?

First of all, there could be hazards associated with a flooded basement, so you’ll want to use safety precautions.

Starting with the exterior, check for structural damage, fallen power lines, or gas leaks.

Protect yourself by wearing boots, gloves and a face mask. Do not tread in the water-filled basement before making sure that electrical currents are not being passed through the water.  While standing in a dry area, turn off the power from the circuit breaker.  Use a long, dry wooden stick or broom to reach the breaker switch and turn it to off.

Once the area seems secure enough to tread through the water, unplug and turn off electrical appliances.

If you have water damage and the task seems to big to handle, as it typically is, call Restoration Local 24/7 at 1-888-443-3110 for a free estimate!

It is very important to allow the water outside of the basement to recede before pumping water from inside of the basement to the outside.  Pumping water outside too quickly could cause the basement walls to crack and cave inward from the unbalanced pressure of water in the soil on the outside.  Depending on how much water remains on the outside, you may have to pump the water out over a period of a few days to maintain a safe balance.

If it is manageable, and the water outside has receded, start removing the water and cleanup to lessen the probability of mold growth.

Begin drying the area using fans, dehumidifiers, and opening windows.  Remove all wet items and begin to air them out to dry.  Decide which items can be salvaged and which will need to be thrown out.

Use anti-bacterial cleansers and bleach to clean walls, floors and other water damaged areas to prevent mold growth.

After drying out and clean up, if there are signs of mold, this might be a job for a professional.  Schedule a mold inspection with a consultant to have your basement return to a dry, safe environment.

If you have water damage, call Restoration Local 24/7 at 1-888-443-3110 for a free estimate!

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