The Leading Causes Of Household Water Damage
Water Damage

The Leading Causes of Household Water Damage

The leading common causes of water damage should be common sense. The biggest cause of water damage is leaking water pipes. Whether the problem comes from bad building materials, frozen pipes, or basic lack of maintenance, pipes are very often the cause of major water damage. The best way to avoid having to deal with problems is to make sure that you execute the proper preventative measures and then regularly inspect the plumping system. Check your pipes for solid connections. Make sure all the seals and faucets are properly installed and set. Insulate the pipes properly as well to avoid troubles in the wintertime or cold weather – the exterior walls and pipes are the most susceptible to these types of troubles.

The second most common cause of water damage is faulty toilets.  Toilets break and overflow, spilling out onto the floor. Even though tiles and metal are mostly waterproof, the grout that holds tiles down and the fixtures associated with metal are all susceptible to water damage. Wooden cabinets, wicker laundry baskets, fabrics, wallpaper or toiletries – these can all be damaged by extensive water exposure. Materials that are not waterproof can warp or rot. They promote the growth of mold and mildew. Unchecked, you can find yourself overrun in hazardous molds or heavily damaged furnishings. Everything from shelving to furniture and building supports are damaged by enough exposure to water.

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Preventing toilet breakdown is relatively simple. When using your bathroom, make sure to stick around until the valve has finished refilling the reservoir and bowl. Remember never to continue flushing a toilet that is clogged or already overflowing. It is a good idea to inspect your toilet twice a year, to make sure the tank and the components within function properly and are not covered in rust. If you cannot fix your problems, make sure to replacement in a timely manner in order to avoid any damages.

Other appliances that might be a water damage problem include the refrigerator, washing machine, and water heaters. All of these devices, and those like it, require a fresh water supply and all of the connections should be inspected yearly. If you suffer water damage, you should take immediate action – after making sure that your personal safety is secured. Water inflicts a lot of damage relatively quickly; make sure to clear the area of anything that can be damaged. If the leak is severe enough, you may need to go so far removing drywall, ripping out carpet, and isolating sodden furniture. If you have any problem figuring out what to do, make sure you form a proper plan of attack and get right now clearing the area. You should be attempting to dry everything out, then sanitizing all affected areas. If you have water damage, call Restoration Local 24/7 at 1-888-443-3110 for a free estimate!


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